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"Causes" are not business opportunities for consulting firms to exploit; they involve real people and real challenges that must be solved.

Our approach is tailored to addressing social issues from the bottom up and inside out, paving the way for real and tangible results for the people most impacted. We embrace "a third way" — actively involving communities in solving problems and moving beyond polarizing narratives to find practical solutions.

Our services, ranging from organizational design to strategic communications, are more than just tools; they are pathways to solving critical issues and moving all of us to a new normal.

strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

Audience Research & Message Development

Conducting deep audience analysis and crafting targeted messages through focus groups.

Issue Framing & Content Strategy

Developing engaging content strategies and framing issues for maximum impact.

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Orchestrating effective meetings with strategic design and expert facilitation.

Communication Capacity-Building

Equipping teams with advanced communication skill-building.

Organizational Communication Planning

Strategizing communication plans aligned with organizational goals.

Coalition Building & Partner Management

Fostering robust partnerships and managing coalition networks.

Campaign Development & Crisis Response

Creating comprehensive campaigns and providing rapid response in crisis situations.

Organizational Development

Strategic Planning & Organizational Development

Mission, Vision, and Theory of Change

Articulating clear, impactful mission and vision statements, and formulating comprehensive theories of change.

Landscape Analysis

Conducting in-depth analysis of the sector landscape to identify opportunities and challenges.

Risk Assessment and Management

Evaluating potential risks and developing strategies for effective risk management.

Strategic Partnerships

Designing and implementing plans to engage key groups effectively.

Goal-Setting and Strategic Planning

Setting achievable goals and creating detailed roadmaps for strategic progress.

Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Establishing metrics for success and evaluating performance against strategic objectives.

Capacity Building and Resource Allocation

Assessing organizational capacity and optimizing resource allocation for maximum impact.

Business Planning and Development

Business Planning and Development

Business Planning & Pricing Model Development

Crafting strategies for sustainable growth and competitive pricing.

Revenue Pipeline & Change Management Oversight

Managing revenue strategies and guiding change with precision.

Staff Management & Performance

Streamlining policies for recruitment, retention, and performance optimization.

Complex Systems Management

Specializing in cross-matrixed operational systems and IT infrastructure enhancements.

Coaching & Professional Development

Focused on comprehensive staff development with an emphasis on belonging and inclusion.